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WDP is a leading European logistics real estate player whose mission is to create and manage value by developing, renting and investing in modern, sustainable and user-friendly logistic spaces. The company was founded in 2003 in Belgium and today, it is the largest logistics developer, investor and operator in the Benelux region and is rapidly expanding beyond.

With a portfolio of more than 5 million m² distributed over 250 sites in 6 countries, WDP offers its customers the right logistic solution, quickly and efficiently. As of 2020, the company’s net asset value stood in excess of 4 billion euros. Its portfolio is focused on warehouses, logistic hubs and office spaces, capitalizing on an innovative vision of future logistic needs.

The long-term sustainability of WDP is the cornerstone of the strategy. In order to meet the customers’ needs and expectations, WDP is focused on innovation, sustainability, higher efficiency and more user-friendly logistic spaces. The company has made commitments to reduce its CO2 emissions, waste and energy consumption and became carbon neutral in 2020. WDP ensures a sustainable approach across all development projects, as well as ongoing operations.

The organisation’s goals don’t stop with carbon neutrality. WDP is dedicated to developing and investing in sustainable construction and renovation projects. Energy efficiency and green technology, such as high-efficiency lighting, advanced HVAC systems, solar panels and other renewable energy sources, are incorporated in all WDP projects. Additionally, WDP is committed to Carbon Offsetting which means that the CO2 emissions generated by the organisation and its customers are compensated via sustainability partners.

WDP is also involved in several social initiatives, such as ‘Growing Together’, an initiative that provides technical and financial support to local authorities and companies in order to redefine and develop their local urban areas. Besides that, WDP supports numerous other social initiatives, such as ‘Give the Food Away’, aimed at providing food for those in need, or ‘Shelter’, aimed at helping homeless people in Belgium. Through these initiatives, WDP aspires to be a socially responsible company.

WDP’s international expansion strategy focuses on providing an integrated logistics real estate solution to its customers. With a major presence in the Benelux region and a growing presence in Germany, France, Romania and Luxembourg, the organisation is continuously searching for new opportunities to expand its portfolio in Europe. Moreover, WDP is looking to establish new partnerships with customers in order to provide tailored logistic solutions within its existing portfolio, as well as new projects.

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