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VivoPower International PLC is a leading international sustainable energy solutions provider founded in 2014 and headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The company operates across four primary segments - Critical Power Services, Electric Vehicles, Sustainable Energy Solutions, and Solar Development.

Critical Power Services offers energy infrastructure generation and distribution solutions, including the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of power and control systems to customers in a range of industries. Electric Vehicles designs and builds ruggedized light electric vehicle solutions for customers in the mining, infrastructure, utilities, and government services sectors. The Sustainable Energy Solutions division specializes in the design, evaluation, sale, and implementation of renewable energy infrastructure, as well as evaluating solar, battery, and microgrid solutions.

The Solar Development division engages in the origination, development, construction, financing, operation, optimization, and sale of photovoltaic solar projects. VivoPower has completed 12 solar projects since its establishment and is currently involved in several more.

In addition to its four primary segments, VivoPower is also active in the energy storage industry and is in the process of developing a distributed energy storage solution. The company has recently announced the launch of its Tracer platform, which combines its energy-storage technologies and electric vehicle solutions, providing customers with a comprehensive energy-management solution. The Tracer platform also allows customers to track their energy consumption in real time, providing additional visibility and control of their energy resources.

VivoPower operates in the United Kingdom, Australia, South East Asia, and the United States, providing customers with efficient energy solutions with a focus on environmental sustainability. The company is committed to making a positive contribution to the global effort to combat climate change and is actively working to reduce its own carbon-emission footprint. VivoPower is also working towards creating a completely zero-emission electric vehicle portfolio and plans to expand its operations into new markets in the near future.

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