Market Cap for Apple Inc.

Last price update: 27 Feb 24 23:00 GMT

Market Cap history for Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is one of the leading technology companies in the world, and its financial situation is strong. As of 3 February 2023, its market capitalization stands at $2.45 trillion, up from $2.39 trillion on 2 February 2023, and $2.31 trillion on 1 February 2023. With a share price of $155.33 as of 3 February 2023, this amounts to a PE ratio of 26.37 times earnings per share (EPS) and a price-earnings-to-growth (PEG) ratio of 0.75 times trailing twelve months earnings growth (TTM).

The company’s 50 day average price was around $139.61 per share on 3 February 2023 and 200 day average was around $147.46 per share on the same date, indicating that it is relatively undervalued compared to its peers in terms of current market prices as well as longer term returns. Furthermore, with 8 billion shares outstanding as of 3 February 2023, Apple Inc.’s daily volume is estimated to be roughly 756 million shares while its open price was at $153.11 on the same day.

In conclusion, Apple Inc.’s financial condition appears to be strong based on its market capitalization, PE ratio and PEG ratios alongside estimates for daily volume and open price for the company’s stock as of 3 February 2023. The company may be undervalued relative to its peers when considering these metrics over both short and long term time frames which could suggest potential opportunities for investors looking to participate in the upside potential of one of the world’s most successful technology companies today.

DateMarket Cap
27 Feb 2024$2,844,761,945,830.00
26 Feb 2024$2,821,864,283,560.00
23 Feb 2024$2,843,048,515,320.00
22 Feb 2024$2,871,865,301,170.00
21 Feb 2024$2,827,739,990,160.00
20 Feb 2024$2,815,952,570,280.00
16 Feb 2024$2,827,584,892,530.00
15 Feb 2024$2,851,625,025,180.00
14 Feb 2024$2,856,122,856,450.00
13 Feb 2024$2,869,926,545,520.00
12 Feb 2024$2,902,652,145,450.00
9 Feb 2024$2,929,018,742,550.00
8 Feb 2024$2,920,798,568,160.00
7 Feb 2024$2,937,704,209,830.00
6 Feb 2024$2,935,998,135,900.00